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Lower Back Pain and its Impact on Lifestyle

Chronic Back Pain is a leading cause of missed work in Canada. While missing work is enough of a problem, not being able to live an active lifestyle can have a huge impact on future health. At Yaletown Chiropractic we have seen our clients make great strides in returning to work and their activities pain-free. Our goal is to free your life of chronic back pain and lead a happy, healthy life!

Getting To Your Best Self

At Yaletown Chiropractic, our doctors combines a variety of techniques to help you maintain a healthy spine. When you arrive for your first visit, we perform a thorough evaluation of your spine, focusing on the main area of complaint, to make sure we understand all contributing factors that may be impacting your lifestyle. The techniques used by your Chiropractor may vary depending on what is most appropriate for you.

To help protect your lower back, try these helpful tips:

Every person who walks through our doors is an opportunity for us to change a life. We educate about chiropractic and other aspects of health to inspire them to include the chiropractic lifestyle as not only a part of their own journey, but also those of their loved ones. Our goal is to be the go-to for everyone who is seeking a natural alternative to improving their health, instead of more dangerous and invasive interventions.

  • Consume a healthy, well-balanced diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid prolonged sitting and consider a sit/stand desk for work
  • Engage in aerobic exercise and strength training activities
  • Perform a sufficient warm-up before activity
  • Maintain proper posture
  • Wear appropriate footwear
  • Practice safe lifting techniques

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If you are looking to improve your back pain and are interested in finding out how chiropractic care can help, call today to book an appointment.

Trusted By Vancouver

I visited Dr. Exley because I had been experiencing chronic neck and back pain from years of sitting at an office desk.  During the initial visit, Dr. Exley explained the fundamentals to me and outlined a treatment plan.

Brad M

I totally recommend this place! I went there for a terrible back pain that doctors weren't taking seriously and it was getting worse even with strong painkillers, to the point I was sleepless and couldn't move.

Misa C. (Misa)

I was in a pretty serious car accident when I was a teenager and before going to Yaletown Chiropractic, I experience daily pain. Dr. Mason is highly knowledgeable and has also supported me

Kristen H

"I had never been to a chiropractor before and honestly I used to be a bit afraid of having someone "crunch my back". I have chronic back and knee problems as a result of a car accident.

Sandra R

Both Docs are very effective, caring health professionals who listen to your needs. Highly recommended.

Reed S

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