Importance Of Proper Posture

Good Posture Starts
With Your Spine

The Importance of Proper Posture

There are many ways to develop poor postural habits. We spend many hours of the day sitting at our desks, working on our computers, or using our smart phones. While many are aware that they have poor posture, they often do not know how to correct it. In addition to reducing neck and back pain, the following are additional benefits of good posture.

Getting To Your Best Self

At Yaletown Chiropractic, we understand that posture can affect your quality of life. By taking pictures of your posture and allowing you to see them and discuss the findings with your chiropractor, we are hoping to introduce more postural awareness than you had before. Years of poor habits have contributed to any postural faults you may have, so the neuromusculoskeletal system has adapted to these habits. Chiropractic adjustments in combination with corrective postural exercises will help re-train the nervous system and put the whole spine in a better position to minimize the effects of gravity.

Improving Posture

To improve posture, try these helpful tips:

  • Get an ergonomic assessment at your workplace
  • Limit smartphone and laptop use, where possible
  • Weight train with proper postural techniques (we can help)
  • Make a visit to your chiropractor!

We Can Help Today.

If you are looking to improve your posture and are interested in finding out how chiropractic care can help, call today to book an appointment.

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Dr Shawn is super knowledgeable about his practice and takes great care of his clients. I've been going for almost a year and a half now and have seen massive improvement in my posture, reduced back pains.

Charlie S

Dr Shawn & the whole team have been very helpful with identifying my issues, & working with me to create a plan to correct my posture. I had never been to a Chiropractor before but wish I had started years ago.

Bob F

Explained a lot. Along with immediate help he is helping to build a plan to fix the root cause of the problems. And yea, you will have to work on yourself if you want to be healthy

Andrey M

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